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Seaforth Location

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‘The Good, The Bad and Me’


14 – 28 NOV

Artist Mackenzie Thorpe is internationally known and loved for his original artworks, sculptures and prints that express the human condition in a profound and compassionate manner. His latest exhibition showcases artworks that tell a tale of innocence (and innocence lost) about young cowboys filled with fantasy, adventure, exuberance and the naivety of childhood. As a child of the 50’s, Mackenzie’s’ playtime games were heavily influenced by Cowboys and Indians. John Wayne was a hero and Bonanza, a TV favourite. His ongoing interest in the
‘Wild West’ culture continues today.

“I have always had a deep longing to revisit and touch the innocence and naivety of childhood. The influence of the movies I watched of the wild west as a child was an incredibly influential time for me, transporting me from my daily life growing up. I didn’t want to be English anymore, and it captured my imagination and had a profound effect on me. The influence has never left me.”
- Mackenzie Thorpe

His artwork offers each of us a pathway to the child within us all, as he masterfully appeals to all of our collective memories of youth.

Mosman Location

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Select Works @ MOSMAN


Our Mosman location is curated with only the best works from our stable of artists. This boutique space is perfectly suited to house key major works direct from the artist’s studio. Our in-house consultant has access to all artist’s and artworks in the greater TVH collection. Visit the gallery for a consultation. - Your TVH Team

QVB Location

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The Art of Dr. Seuss

Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery’s dedicated ‘The Art of Dr. Seuss’ location can be found in Sydney’s famous Queen Victoria Building. To view current stock including ‘The Secret Art Collection’ “The Unorthodox Taxidermy Sculpture’ and the ‘Illustration Art’ in person visit Level 2 in the Queen Victoria Building and speak with one of our Seuss-perts! or click here to see what is currently available online.
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